Tau Experimental Station

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Tau Experimental Station
Tau Experimental Station.png
EnemyWardens of Elements
QuestsPower Unit Raiders, The Last Straw
Difficulty and Prestige


Tau Experimental Station is a secret laboratory and at the same time testing facility, used for experiments with Wardens of Elements. The last test subjects were Wardens of Death.

Here they are researching Wardens of Elements. You need to observe the dangerous experiment. They might need the help of an immortal if something goes awry.

Current situation

All these years scientists were working with really dangerous creatures. However, no really threatening situations occurred to this day.

Somehow, test subjects came out of control and broke free, crashing everything on their way. The Wardens of Death took their anger out on valuable equipment. Those scientists, who tried to save their data, were instantly killed. The rest of them hurried to the safe place, away from the ravaging creatures.

There was only one thing left to do - call for help. The connection was faulty. Obviously, the Wardens damaged the communication node. The channel sent a signal and went offline. The scientists could only hope that it would come through. They were lucky! A few minutes later the emergency message was received by the command center of Aelinar.

It looked like a really serious incident took place at Tau Station. Ordinary people are not able to take care of it. It is time for the immortals to interfere.


The station was built several years ago not far from the Milene Caves in a similar cave complex, smaller in size. There are no localities nearby. The lab is classified. Only the high commanders of Aelion have access to it. Wardens of Elements were kept in energy cages and studied here since the day of its creation. Scientists run different tests on them.

A few months ago Wardens of Death became unusually aggressive and started to attack people. Station's authorities decided to get down to experiments on this species of Wardens. Several of them were captured, including very big ones - all hopes were rested on them!

Role Name Army Type
Champion #1 Herald of Death Wardens of Elements
Champion #2 Aspect of Death Wardens of Elements