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PvP Battles

Name Number of Players Description
Lugran Research Base 6 players - Free for All At the Lugran Researh Base, there is a generator that increases character's power. Every 5 seconds the generator applies a special effect. Each level of this effect increases your damage by 2.5%. If you accumulate 10 levels, the effect will be removed from all players, and you will gain 9 points.
Battle of Equals 6 players - 3 versus 3 Battles take place in Kingesi Arena and Arena of Aeli. In Battle of Equals, you cannot use symbols, transport, Hyperion Modules, consumables, and your Divine Form. In the arena, character stats are fixed and depend on their class.
Battle of Golems 10 players - 5 versus 5 Win the Battle of Golems.
Massive Battles 20 players - 10 versus 10 You can participate in one of the following battles: Rings of Immortals, Alcedon Facility, or Esten Quarry. The type of battle is determined randomly at the beginning of the match.
Hostile Territories: Ontes Valley Open World - Group of 5 players. Ether has flooded these lands. Like uncontrolled volcanoes, ether trees become active in all parts of the valley. The great value of this resource attracts both alien monsters and immortals who pursue wealth.