Port Naori

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Port Naori
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QuestsAlarming News
Difficulty and Prestige

Sea creatures have captured the port, impeding the evacuation of civilians from Naori Island. Chase the monsters away so the people could get to safety.

Port Naori is the second Squad/Solo adventure available to the player in Skyforge.

Current Situation

Oceanids attacked Naori Island and their first target was the port - a vital infrastructure center. The sea creatures climbed ashore and spread across the port in minutes. People ran away in a panic and many were killed. The employees along with a small group of tourists were able to barricade themselves inside a port building, but the Naiads and Khelps will get to them soon. Aelinar received a signal with a desperate call for help.


Port Naori is the only aerial gateway of the resort island of the same name. It is situated near the small resort town of Poulo, the only inhabited place on the island.


Type Name Category
Naiad Troops Leader, Nemida Oceanid
Nemida's Personal Guard, Aegira Oceanid
Nemida's Personal Guard, Llurus the Storm Claw Oceanid
Khelp Troop Leader, Ferocious Happo Oceanid


When the decision to turn Naori Island into a resort was made, temporary landing platforms for air transport were placed on the shore. Eventually, a permanent port was built in their place which could accommodate a large number of cargo and passenger vessels during the tourist season.

Port Naori is close to the resort town of Poulo, the center of tourism on the island. They were meant to be much further apart, but the engineers and architects changed the project, and the town was built where the builders’ temporary housing had been.

The port is fully automated so it is staffed by just a few dozen people who work in shifts. Their main function is to maintain the machinery.