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The Oceanid are a race of magically imbued amphibians that wish nothing but death upon Aelion’s land inhabitants. They’re constantly seeking to expand their control outward, conquering planets they deem suitable for their species and exterminating all those whom they feel are unworthy of joining them.


Ages ago, long before our time, there comes a tale of an ancient life-bearing fish inhabiting Olghul’s murky depths. These legendary creatures are said to be the source from which all Oceanids originate from. Magical serpents, known as Ongs, are one such relative to this long forgotten creature. With their bodies possessing a fantastic facility for magic, the Ongs use this gift for nearly everything that they seek to accomplish. Unfortunately, the Ong’s powers slowed their ability to evolve, leaving them simple and feral. However, as time continued to press forward, certain groups of the Ongs evolved to become more sentient. As the Ongs became ever more self-aware, they discovered their species' females, the Naiads, possessed an evolutionary rate far exceeding their own as a result of being bereft of the ability to use magic as freely. The Ongs, seeing the benefits of this for the future of their species, used their magic to accelerate the Naiads evolution significantly allowing their offspring to become more advanced. Following Tol-Monter’s rise to power, the Oceanids continued to evolve and expand their civilization beyond their homeworld. It was during this cosmic expansion that one such race, the Khelp, were subjugated by the Great God to further his civilization’s advancement.