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Necromancer m.pngNecromancer f.png
RoleEnergy Attack
DescriptionSummoner of Death and destruction.
Class Icon

Necromancers are powerful sorcerers and masters of death. Using dreadful spells, they're able to raise horrifying undead creatures and restore their health by syphoning it from their enemies. They can even transform themselves into a powerful Lich, gaining access to new necrotic abilities.
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Necrotic Energy

Your HEALTH is the Ability Resources to use attacks for Necromancers. Your abilities grant you Necrotic Energy, which is used to activate Lich form and restore your Health.

Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!


PvE and PvP

Icon Name Description
Ghostly Strike Inflicts damage to the enemy. Can be used to start a combo attack.
Plague Strike Inflicts damage to the enemy. Can be used to continue a combo attack.
Hellfire Inflicts damage to all enemies in a 8 yard radius of the selected enemy and damages them every second for 5 seconds.
If Hellfire hits 3 or more enemies, the next Hellfire attacks will inflict 50% more damage.
The effect stacks up to 2 times and lasts for 5 seconds.
Ritual Strike Inflicts damage to the enemy.
Activates Impulse Charge.
Impulse damage is increased 2 times.
Plague Storm Inflicts damage to the enemy every 1.25 seconds for 8 seconds.
The damage of the ability grows proportionally with the amount of health the target loses, up to a 200% damage bonus when the enemies health is below 20%.
If the target dies, its body is picked up to inflict damage to the next enemy. Use this ability again to drop the body. The damage is increased by 40% for every enemy killed with this ability, up to a 200% damage bonus.
Cursed Land Creates Cursed Land.
The movement speed of enemies in the area is reduced by 50%.
Enemies that die on the Cursed Land turn into Carrions (up to 3) and fight on the Necromancer's side for 10 seconds.
Consumes 3% of health and generates 3 points of Necrotic Energy if the Necromancer is in combat when using this ability.
Pulls enemies that try to leave the Cursed Land back into the center. The effect works on each enemy only once every 12 seconds.
Skull Throw Inflicts damage to the enemy.
Consumes 10% of the Necromancer's health and generates 10 points of Necrotic Energy.
When hitting monsters below the Elite level and player characters, the damage is increased by 30% for 8 seconds.
Ritual Strike, Plague Storm and Hellfire have, respectfully, 25%, 25% and 10% chance to apply Toothy Grin/Bared Fangs to the Necromancer for 15 seconds.
Toothy Grin/Bared Fangs resets the remaining cooldown of Skull Throw, increases the damage of the next use by 100%, and Critical Hit Chance by 50%.
Shadow of the Past Creates a magic statue. After 5 seconds, it pulls the Necromancer towards it and restores their health to the amount they had at the time the ability was used.
Ghostly Allies Ability to summon monsters to fight on the Necromancer's side.
Summon: Ghostly Vipers Summons 3 snakes that take 45% of the damage inflicted to the Necromancer and distract enemies for 10 seconds.
Consumes 15% of the Necromancer's health and generates 15 points of Necrotic Energy.
Viper's bite will slow the enemy down by 70%, and if the enemy tries to move, the poison from the bite will inflict 300% more damage.
Killed Vipers have a 75% chance to rejoin the fight.
Summon: Ghostly Skeleton Summons a Skeleton that inflicts damage to several enemies every 6 seconds.
Consumes 15% of the Necromancer's health and creates 15 points of Necrotic Energy.
Summon: Ghostly Carrion Summons a Carrion that inflicts significant damage to a single target(including damage from Violent Attack every 0.5 seconds).
Consumes 15% of the Necromancer's health and creates 15 points of Necrotic Energy.
Cancel Necromancer returns to normal state.
Lich The Necromancer shifts into the Lich form which allows them to use special abilities that restore health. The more resource is available when the ability is used, the longer the Necromancer stays in that form.
Sickening Nightmare Inflicts damage to the enemy every second for 25 seconds.
Restores the Necromancer's health for 10 seconds.
Stacks up to 20 times.
Ghostly Flow Summons ghosts that inflict damage to all enemies along the way.
Victims of Ghostly Flow have their current abilities interrupted as they are stunned for 1 second and immobilised. They then slowly begin to recover their movement speed in the next 15 seconds.
Generates 11 points of Necrotic Energy, and the Lich form cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds for each affected enemy for each of the three waves of ghosts.
Claws of Death Inflicts fatal damage. Available when the enemy has a small amount of health left.
Increases the damage of Plague Storm by 55% and its critical damage by 70% while allowing you to use its final attack.
Grants 3 Impulse Charges to the Necromancer.

PvE only

Icon Name Description
Possession Increases the damage dealt by summoned allies by 200% for 12 seconds, completely restoring their health and removing all control effects when it is first used and every 3 seconds for the next 12 seconds.
Consumes 7% of the Necromancer's health and creates 7 points of Necrotic Energy.
Volley of Darkness Inflicts damage and knocks the enemies back. The Necromancer recovers health in proportion to the number of flies released by Sickening Nightmare.
Rift of Horror Creates a rift in the ground that inflicts damage.
Monsters in the area of effects take damage every 0.5 seconds for 15 seconds, as well as get into a panic for 10 seconds. Consumes 8% of the Necromancer's health and creates 8 points of Necrotic Energy.

PvP only

Icon Name Description
Shield of the Banished Banishes all summoned allies and surrounds the Necromancer with a shield that absorbs damage equal to 200% of the Necromancer's health and protects them against control effects for 16 seconds.
Reaper's Sweep Inflicts damage to the surrounding enemies and additionally restores:
  • 17% of health if it hits one target;
  • 20% of health if it hits two targets;
  • 24% of health if it hits three or more targets.
    The ability also restores 15% of health for every killed enemy.
Grave Pulls the selected targets and nearby allies to the Cursed Land if one is present, or 24 yards back, inflicting damage.
Consumes 6% of the Necromancer's health and creates 6 points of Necrotic Energy.


PvP only

Icon Name Description
Veil of Death All attacks in Lich form inflict 35% more damage.
Each Reaper's Sweep attack will increase the Protection Against Damage by 33% for 2 seconds. Can be stacked up to 100%.

Thea Talent(PvE and PvP)

Icon Name Description
Space Mist Summoned allies of the Necromancer get a boost:
  • Ghostly Vipers have 5 times more health and redirect 60% of damage to themselves instead of 45%.
  • Ghostly Skeleton pulls enemies towards it, inflicting damage every second.
  • Ghostly Carrion gains the ability to inflict damage every second from a distance.
    When Shield of the Banished absorbs the enhanced allies, it restores an extra 40% of the Necromancer's health.


There is currently no official gameplay trailer for the Necromancer.