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Monk m.pngMonk f.png
RoleMelee Attack
DescriptionSpin me around, burn me now or slam me down, you choose!
Class Icon

Monks are of a martial order, having mastered the discipline of body and mind. Wielding their staff, monks fight using several special stances, enabling them to perform dizzying acrobatic feats and deliver powerful blows against their enemies.
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Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!


Name Description
Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust Icon.png
Stone Skin reduces damage by 30%.

Sear Icon.png
Rage of Fire increases damage by 61% instead of 43%.
Air Barrier

Air Barrier Icon.png
Elusiveness of Wind reduces the duration of control effects by 70%.
Knockout Punches

Knockout Punches Icon.png
Duration of stun caused by Aggressive Lunge and Dragon Strike is increased by 2 seconds.
Technique Mastery

Technique Mastery Icon.png
For each Pack monster killed by the Monk, the cooldown of Stone Palm, Burning Staff, and Wind Catcher is reduced by 0.5 seconds, for each ordinary monster - by 2 seconds, and for each elite monster or boss - by 15 seconds.
Light as a Feather

Light as a Feather Icon.png
Range of Rapid Stream is increased by 10 yards, and its damage is increased by 50% when Impulse Charge is activated.
Rock to the Head

Rock to the Head Icon.png
Falling Mountain inflicts 200% more damage to stunned enemies.
Rampage of Fire

Rampage of Fire Icon.png
Dragon Rage and Scorching Strike inflict 110 more damage to slowed and immobilized enemies in PvP.

Air Barrier Icon.png
Switching to Air Stance removes all control effects and other removable effects from the Monk.
Ligament Injury

Ligament Injury Icon.png
Basic attacks in any stance slow the target down by 70% for 4 seconds.
Perishing Wind

Perishing Wind Icon.png
The slowing effect of Return Wave lasts 2 times longer.
Mighty Onslaught

Mighty Onslaught Icon.png
Spiral Attack inflicts 65% more damage to enemies with more than 50% health.
Gusty Wind

Rampage of Fire Icon.png
Dragon Rage removes effects caused by Earth Attacks that inflict damage over time, inflicting the damage they would otherwise have inflicted, as well as inflicts additional 70% of damage.
Fan Swing

Sear Icon.png
In the second second of its duration, Scorching Strike spreads Hidden Trauma caused by Earth Attacks from affected enemies to two more enemies in an 8 yard radius.
Major Bruises

Deflection Icon.png
Hidden Trauma caused by Earth Attacks inflicts additional 150% damagee.
Powerful Gust

Light as a Feather Icon.png
When Elusiveness of Wind is active, the first Rapid Stream used from 25 or more yards away, stuns the target for 3 seconds.
Stone Technique

Rock to the Head Icon.png
Lotus Strike inflicts 50% more damage to targets with more than 30% health.

Falling Mountain inflicts 40% more damage to targets with less than 30% health.
Hardened Warrior

Hardened Warrior Icon.png
Deadly Strike has a 90% chance to get instantly restored.
Air Shield

Frostbite Icon.png
When used 15 or more yards away, first Rapid Stream used during Elusiveness of Wind gives the Monk a shield that absorbs damage equal to 18% of their health. Duration: 7 seconds.
Painful Impact

Painful Impact Icon.png
Distance the target is knocked back by Lotus Strike is increased by 10 yards.

If the target of Lotus Strike hits a stationary obstacle, it will be stunned for 3 seconds.


There is currently no official gameplay trailer for the Monk.