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Difficulty and Prestige

The Mantides have captured one of the cities in Symerlis and turned its residents into monsters to increase the size of their army. Eliminate the invaders and save the survivors!

Kyris is a regional capital, situated at the edge of Lanber Forest. It has been the administrative center of the entire region for a very long time, under the supervision and protection of the god Nerion. A magnificent fortress, Nerion's permanent residence, is in the nearby mountains.

Current Situation

The invasion came from Lanber forest. Intruders descended somewhere from the mountains, surrounding the valley. The monsters caused havoc and dismay in the forest, captured farming lands and nearby villages, and then headed to Kyris.

Streets, once peaceful, are now swarming with intruders. Pavements are covered with icky greenish slime. Young Winger are about to hatch from numerous egg rafts, scattered here and there.

While the monsters were smashing the outskirts, citizens managed to escape from the city center. The less lucky ones will face a horrible fate. The aliens will bring them to submission or spin into cocoons and use them as a treat for arriving Mantides. Some of them can still be saved, if you rid them of parasite, that captured their mind.

Kyris needs to be taken care of, too, otherwise the survivors will have nowhere to return to.


Kyris is located at the foothills of the Lanber Valley, to the south of a high mountain ridge, and dividing East Inkara into two sections.


Type Name Category
Ferocious Illira Mantide
Romur Mantide
Deathpoisoner Mantide
Thug, Elite Aswang Neophyte Mantide
Enchanter, Elite Aswang Poisoner Mantide
Thug, Elite Winger Trooper Mantide
Enchanter Winger Assualter Mantide
Thug Winger Trooper Mantide
Pack Aswang Neophyte Mantide
Pack Winger Fighter Mantide
Additional Dangerous Barrel Mantide


Nerion’s own ancestors stood at the origins of Kyris. As patrons to the city, they assisted in the construction of Kyris, making every effort to bring wealth and greatness to it along the way. Its strategically advantageous location made Kyris a perfect meeting place for trade caravans from all corners of the world.

As the only point of intersection on the main land trade routes, Kyris developed rapidly, allowing the residents to reap abundant fruit from the fertile soil of trade. It wasn't long before the city began an annual tradition to hold grand festivals and fairs, the glory of which spread throughout Aelion. Over time, Kyris began to turn from a provincial town into a real wonder of the south.

The residents of Kyris ensured that the city always looked pristine - maintaining a lush green landscape with beautiful parks and flowers all around. The neighboring majestic snow peaks and fresh mountain air gave Kyris the status and opportunity of a real resort. Entrepreneurs had already taken the first steps in this direction with the speedy construction of several therapeutic spa centres nearby.

Once Aeli had disappeared, the resulting wars across Aelion did not prevent Kyris and the entire Lanber Valley from continuing to prosper. There were no battles in these lands, as no invaders - alien or otherwise - could puncture the carefully protected city and its surroundings, thanks to Nerion's tireless efforts to protect the borders of his domain.

Unfortunately, this was cut short when trouble arrived at the hands of a source nobody expected. An army of vile Mantides appeared out of nowhere and flooded the entire Lanber Valley, killing or enslaving residents who were caught entirely by surprise. As the massacre continued, survivors were distraught when Nerion himself publicly announced his support for the army of hideous creatures, marking him as the instigator and source of the invasion.

The creatures had first arrived from somewhere in the mountains surrounding the valley before beginning their assault on Lanber Forest. After the ensuing chaos led to the capture of rural lands and nearby villages, the creatures immediately marched on Kyris - its once peaceful streets now covered in vile green slime and crawling with overgrown insects, who safeguard newly placed hatcheries around the city.

While the creatures caused havoc in the suburbs, many residents were able to evacuate out of Kyris before it was completely overrun. As for the less fortunate, their grisly fates involve forced subjugation to their will, or becoming a cocooned meal for the expanding Mantide army, though some may still be rescued if the parasite that controls their minds is dealt with promptly.

If the Immortals do not do something about Kyris soon, survivors of the onslaught will have nothing left to return to.