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The Knight is capable of withstanding the onslaught of numerous enemies, diverting their attention from less protected allies. Armed with shield and spear, they are able to not only block incoming attacks, but to also deliver crushing blows in return.
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Willpower is the Ability Resource for Knights.


PvE and PvP

Icon Name Description
Spear Attack Icon.png Spear Attack Inflicts damage to the enemy.
Smashing Strike Icon.png Smashing Strike Inflicts damage to the enemy.

Weak enemies will also be knocked down.

Salt in the Wound Icon.png Crushing Blow Inflicts damage to the selected target and damage to enemies around it.
Restores 2 points of Willpower and activates Impulse Charge that hits the main target.
Crushing Blow inflicts 120% more damage when Impulse Charge is activated, as well as to enemies affected by Stun, Fear, Blind, or Disorient.

Damage to enemies affected by Slow is increased by 60%.

Stab Wounds Icon.png Resolute Strike Inflicts damage to the enemy.
If the ability is used for 25 Willpower, it will inflict damage.
Lunge Icon.png Lunge Inflicts series of strikes, inflicting damage and causes wounds that inflict damage every second for 3 seconds, stacks up to 5 times.
Collision Icon.png Battering Ram Inflicts damage to all enemies in front of the Knight.

If at least one enemy is hit, activates Impulse Charge.
If you hold down the button, the Knight will charge forward, delivering a blow at the end of the run. Requires 2 Dash charges.
Collision with the target will end the run. If the target is hit, 1 Dash charge is restored.
When Impulse Charge is activated, Battering Ram Stuns enemies for 2 seconds and inflicts 120% more damage.

Mother Earth Icon.png Havoc Inflicts damage to enemies in a large area around the Knight, tossing them up in the air and pulling them toward the Knight. After landing, their movement speed is reduced by 75% for 3 seconds.
Inflicts 25% more damage if it hits 3 enemies.
Damage is increased by an extra 5% for each enemy above 3(up to 25%).
Sky Hunter Icon.png Falcon Attack Falcon inflicts damage to an enemy at a range of up to 30 yards and applies Infirmity that increases the damage inflicted by the Knight by 30% for 6 seconds.
Falcon Attack also charges your spear. The next attack with the charged spear will inflict extra damage.
Resolute Rebuff Icon.png Resolute Rebuff Absorbs all incoming damage as long as the Knight stands still while using it (up to 3 seconds).
When it ends, it inflicts damage to all nearby enemies in the amount equal to the damage absorbed but no more than 25% of the Knight's maximum health.
Monsters are forced to attack the Knight for the duration of the attack and 3 seconds after it ends.
Heavy Tip Icon.png Spear Throw Throws a spear at the enemy, inflicting damage and forcing the target to attack the Knight for 3 seconds.
The ability inflicts 200% more damage if the enemy is more than 10 yards away.
Tantrum Icon.png Tantrum Restores 100 points of Willpower, increases damage inflicted by 40% and weapon range by 50%.

Lasts 15 seconds.
Whiplash Icon.png Whiplash Restores 100% of the Knight's maximum health and inflicts damage to nearby enemies.
Can be activated within 5 seconds of taking fatal damage.
Fighting Spirit Icon.png Mighty Swing Inflicts fatal damage. Available when the enemy has a small amount of health left.
Restores 35 points of Willpower.

PvE only

Icon Name Description
Pile Driver Icon.png Stray Attack II Inflicts damage to enemies around the Knight. If at least 3 enemies were affected, creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 2% of the Knight's maximum health for 2 seconds. Chance of activation depends on the number of affected enemies.
Activates Impulse Charge.
Rockwall Icon.png Barrier Defensive stance that reduces incoming damage by 25% but Willpower regeneration rate is reduced by 50%.
Using abilities that consumes Willpower make the Barrier last 3 seconds longer, and it absorbs twice as much damage, reflecting half of the absorbed damage back at the enemy.
The amount of reflected damage cannot exceed 12% of the Knight's maximum health.
Using Lunge restores 1 point of Willpower and extends the duration of enhanced Barrier by 1 second.

PvP only

Icon Name Description
Stray Attack Icon.png Stray Attack Inflicts damage to several enemies in front of you.
Suppression Icon.png Stunning Blow The Knight leaps towards the enemy and stuns them for 3.5 seconds.
When they land, the Knight inflicts damage to nearby targets.
Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects are subject to potential changes!


PvE and PvP

Icon Name Description
Node BalanceSp.png Fortitude Increases Impulse damage by 30% and restores 12 points of Willpower when Impulse Charge is activated.
Killing an enemy immediately restores an Impulse Charge.
If the charge was already ready, the Knight gains an additional Impulse Charge.
The Knight can gain up to two additional charges at a time.
The Knight generates 400% more threat.

PvP only

Icon Name Description
Unshakable Icon.png Unshakable Incoming damage from player characters is reduced by 20%.
The Knight is immune to control effects when their Control Resistance is greater than zero.
Incoming damage reduces this stat, and the Knight's attacks and Impulse damage activation increase it.

Thea Talent(PvE and PvP)

Icon Name Description
AeleriumSpearhead.png Aelerium Spearhead Spear Throw used from a distance of at least 10 yards applies an effect to the target for 4 seconds which inflicts damage every second when the target is moving.

Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects are subject to potential changes!