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Kinetic m.pngKinetic f.png
RoleEnergy Attack
DescriptionMaster of gravity manipulation
Class Icon

The Kinetic is one of the more advanced classes of the game, coming with powers, which can manipulate and control even gravitation.

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy is the Ability Resource for Kinetics.


PvE and PvP

Icon Name Description
KineticPulse.png Kinetic Pulse Inflicts damage.
Applies 1 level of Kinetic Charge to the target that stacks up to 24 times.
Kinetic Charge can be consumed by Stone Projectiles, increasing its damage by 10% for each consumed level of the effect.
The 1st Kinetic Pulse use in a fight applies 12 charges instead of 1.
Activates Impulse Charge.
StoneProjectile.png Stone Projectile Press and hold the button.
Once the attack is ready, the character will inflict damage to the selected enemy.
Fully charged Stone Projectile consumes 6 charges of Kinetic Pulse and gains 10% bonus to damage for each removed effect.
If the Kinetic has less than 80 points of Kinetic Energy, the damage will be reduced 3 times, but the Kinetic Energy will not be spent.
EnergyWave.png Energy Wave Has 3 charge levels:
  • Inflicts damage to the selected enemy and knocks them back 15 yards once in 10 seconds.
  • Inflicts damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the character and knocks them back 15 yards once in 10 seconds.
  • Inflicts damage to enemies in a 16 yard radius and Stuns them for 4 seconds once in 20 seconds. If the Kinetic has 150 points of Kinetic Energy available, fully charged Energy Wave consumes it and bounces off the enemies struck by it, inflicting additional damage in a 7 yard radius of each affected enemy. Each enemy may be hit by up to 2 such Waves.
GravityAnomaly.png Gravity Anomaly Slows enemies down and increases the movement speed of the Kinetic and their allies.
Inside the Gravity Anomaly, the Kinetic and their allies use Dashes for free.
Increases the Kinetic's damage by 40% for 8 seconds.
Gravity Anomaly can only be used against the same enemy once every 15 seconds, and damage bonus is applied to all characters of the Kinetic class.
LuminousBurst.png Luminous Burst The Kinetic is protected by a shield that moves the Kinetic<?span> and inflicts damage at the end of the run.
All enemies in the way get knocked back.
SeismicExplosion.png Seismic Explosion The Kinetic flings himself into the air, inflicting damage to enemies in a 12 yard radius and additional damage to each affected target beyond the first - up to damage for 4 affected targets.
Obliteration.png Obliteration Inflicts fatal damage.
Available when the enemy has a small amount of health left.
Restores 100 points of Kinetic Energy.

PvE only

Icon Name Description
Spell13Upgrade.png Gravity Trap The monster is suspended in mid-air for 8 seconds. All the Kinetic's attacks inflict Critical damage for 8 seconds. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, its damage to the Kinetic is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.
Isolation Icon.png Protective Shield Creates a field that absorbs 75% of incoming damage taken by the Kinetic, protects allies against the next portion of incoming damage, and protects both the Kinetic and their allies against Finishing Strikes.

PvP only

Icon Name Description
Bouncer Icon.png Sledgehammer Shifts into a stance that allows the Kinetic to use Gravity Strike.
Gravity Strike replaces Stone Projectile.
The Kinetic engages in close combat, inflicting damage to the enemy and Slowing the target by 70% for 2 seconds (you can perform up to 10 attacks for the duration of the effect).
While the Sledgehammer is active, all damage taken by the Kinetic is reduced by 75%.
Loudmouth Icon.png Tramping Inflicts damage to the enemy. Lifts enemies in a 5 yard radius up in the air for 4 seconds and then smashes them against the ground.
Abrasive Icon.png Stone Wall Creates a shield that completely absorbs all incoming damage and makes you immune to Finishing Blows and Control Effects.
This ability can be used when you are affected by control effects.
Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!


Thea Talent(PvE and PvP)

Icon Name Description
TidalForces.png Tidal Forces Fully charged Stone Projectile uses 8 levels of Kinetic Charge instead of 6 to inflict increased damage. In PvP, it also applies an effect to enemies which increases the Kinetic's damage to them by 40% for 15 seconds.
Gravity Trap and Stomping will also apply 16 levels of Kinetic Charge to the target.