Factory 501

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Factory 501
Factory 501.png
EnemyMechanoid, Reaper of Death
QuestsAlarming News
Difficulty and Prestige

Alarming news from Factory 501. Instead of peaceful Oculats, the machines started producing combat Mechanoids. We must find out what caused this failure and eliminate the consequences.

Factory 501 is the first Squad/Solo adventure available to the player in Skyforge.

Current Situation

At night, the conveyor stopped working for no obvious reason. Employees that arrived at the site discovered that the security system was also broken. After some time, the conveyor started working again, churning out Mechanoids that attacked everyone in the factory. The workers fled the dangerous zone and sent a distress signal to Aelinar.

Factory 501 was built long ago, when the Mechanoid technology was still in use. This was what caused the problem. The Mechanoid elements were not replaced with Aelion elements on time. Because of that, someone was able to connect to them and reprogram the entire production cycle of the factory to produce combat Mechanoids. This incident could not have been caused by an accident or system malfunction. This was intentional sabotage: the factory’s management program would not have let this happen without outside interference. It looks like someone visited the central console and they could still be there.


The workshops and warehouses of Factory 501 are located in the desolate plains of Western Inkara. The staff here works in shifts.


Type Name Category
Shadow Reaper, Laorus Reapers of Death
Mechanoid Unit Inspector, Scissor Sentry Cerberus Mechanoid
Scissor Saboteur Mechanoid
Enchanter Oculat Focuser Mechanoid
Enchanter Scissor Mender Mechanoid
Thug Scissor Miner Mechanoid
Thug Oculat Bomber Mechanoid
Pack Oculat Observer Mechanoid


Factory 501 is one of the many almost fully automated full cycle factories. It produces complex cybernetic devices for the Templars.

Like other similar factories, Factory 501 was created using the Mechanoid technology. After repulsing the second Integrator invasion, which occurred 353 years ago, the scientists of Aelion, led by Flavius, carried out a real technical revolution, studying much of the Mechanoid technology. The people of Aelion learned to create machinery that may not have been as good as that of the Mechanoids, but was much better than what had been available previously. Flavius himself announced happily that he had come close to the great scientific achievements of the great Aeli. However, he changed his opinion later.

Plants and factories were needed to make quick progress and provide the world with new technology. But there was a great shortage of well trained staff and engineers. The team of scientists headed by the genius god seemed to overlook that things had moved so far ahead in such a short time that the population no longer understood what was going on in the scientific and technological field. The only solution at the time was to fully automatize production processes. Although this required decades of hard work, it turned out to be the right decision. Factories appeared and many of these still work today, requiring minimum human intervention.