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The Divine Form is you entrance into the main game, and character progression. Once the player has accumulated enough "Faith" after finishing their New God quest and obtained Divine Form, they can change into this form and bring massive damage and new abilities into the fight. When you first obtain Divine Form, you can only remain in that form up to 15 minutes, but this cancan significantly tip the scales in a battle of any nature. Over time you can extend the duration of which you can remain in Divine Form, by developing your "Halls of Gods".

Do not expect to be the only player to go into Divine Form; and if another player does, expect a fight for the ages.


  • Unlocks the "Temple of Deeds" and the "Halls of Gods" (Orbit tab on the Capital Screen)
  • Unlocks Invasions.
  • Unlocks Party Instances and Distortions.
  • Unlocks Divine Combat Abilities
  • Unlocks the Glowing Eyes cosmetic in the Style Room.
  • Unlocks the Nimbus/Halo cosmetic in the Style Room.
  • While in Divine Form, movement speed, attack range, and damage are all increased.


Faith is a currency resource for the Gods to allow them to transform into their Divine Form. Faith can be obtained from your Adepts, or after you have received 100 daily "Survivors". The maximum that can be accumulated is from 1,000 to a total of 2,000 Faith at any given time, depending on your Premium Rank.

Divine Deeds

Divine Deeds are the resource currency required to unlock new nodes in your Halls of Gods. Divine Deeds are earned by completing Region/Squad/Group/Party/Invasion adventures while in your Divine Form.


Capital Screen (after New God quest)

  • Temple of Deeds/Junior God - The beginning of your Divine Form progression. Need to complete this to begin work on your Halls of Gods/Orbit Tab.

Halls of Gods - Orbit menu screen

  • Hall of Travels - For players who prefer to solo Adventures or Regions. Gives bonuses and Faith cost reductions for Solo PvE and it also makes soloing Group Adventures possible. Can be unlocked by purchasing the "Book of Divinity" from the "Market".
  • Hall of War - For players who prefer PvP battles. Grants players multiple buffs for PvP battles.
  • Hall of Machines - For players who use Consumable items often. Also includes some Companion and Critical Damage boosts.
  • Hall of Hunt - For players who prefer to solo battles against Bosses or Immortals. Increases the power of Trophies and damage to other players.
  • Hall of Defense - For players who prefer to fight against invading armies in PvE. Helps increase the player's Survivability when fighting groups of PvE enemies.
  • Hall of Magic - For players who regularly play Support classes. Boosts to their support aura. Boosts to the "God's Might". Reductions to Faith costs.
  • Hall of Authority - For players who regularly play Support classes, Damage classes or use Divine Form regularly. Boosts to their "God's Army" and "God's Authority". Boosts to "Total Damage bonus". Faith reduction costs.
  • Hall of Elder Gods - Opens the Aspects of Elder Gods. You can begin the Hall of Elder Gods once you have completed all the previous Halls of Gods.


Divine Menu Abilities

These abilities are able to be used outside of Divine Form and consume Faith. To access these abilities the player must press the Alt key.

Icon Name Description
Divine Form Icon.png Divine Form Allows you to assume your Divine Form that increases Might by 70% and your health 3 times, increasing damage dealt by class abilities to everyone but immortals and gods of Aelion by an extra 150%. A god in this form is 2 times bigger; their speed and radius of attacks are increased by 110%, and attack range by 50%.
Divine Form also allows you to switch classes in battle and use powerful Divine Abilities.
Activating Divine Form costs 150 Faith in Regions and Squad adventures, 200 Faith in Group adventures, 300 Faith in Invasion adventures and 400 Faith in Party and Battle adventures.
Mystery of Rebirth Icon.png Divine Healing Restores 20% of your character's health. Has 5 minute cooldown. Costs 2 faith.
Distorting Field Icon.png Willpower Removes all crowd control effects and makes the character immune to them for 3 seconds. Has a 4 minute cooldown. Costs 2 Faith.

Divine Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description
Divine Presence Icon.png God's Presence The god creates a hole in space which pulls all enemies in a 40 yard radius inside for 4 seconds. After that, the hole closes and throws them out, inflicting damage.

Used by Defense Classes.
Divine Army Icon.png God's Army Places the God's Army effect on the god for 12 seconds, increasing their damage and movement speed by 50% and making them immune to enemy attacks and negative effects. This effect affects all allies in a 10 yard radius who have not been affected by it for the last 60 seconds.

Used by Support Classes.
Divine Might Icon.png God's Might The god turns into an unstoppable wave of fire and move to the target, inflicting damage. For 15 seconds, the god continues to burn, inflicting damage to everyone around them.
They also become immune to control effects, take 25% less damage, move 50% faster, and can use this ability again to move to any target.

Used by Melee Attack classes.
Divine Authority Icon.png God's Authority Summons a storm of magical energy with a radius of 5 yards. Within 2.5 seconds, the radius of the storm increases to 30 yards. All enemies caught in the storm will be stunned.
The storm lasts 6 seconds, and when it ends, all affected opponents take damage, depending on the time they spent under the effect of the storm.

Used by Energy Attack classes.
Divine Wrath Icon.png God's Fury A huge weapon appears in the sky which makes 4 shots at the enemies in a 30 yard radius that have the most amount of health.
After that, the weapon drops on the enemies within that radius that is surrounded by the biggest number of enemies and explodes, inflicting damage to everyone in a 30 yard radius.

Used by Ranged Attack classes.