Darnic Village

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Darnic Village
Darnic Village.png
EnemyReaper of Death
QuestsThey Turn
Difficulty and Prestige

We received a distress signal from a village on the Dawn Plateau, but the message abruptly ended. They are clearly under attack, but from what is unclear. Scouting out the land and playing it by ear is a worthy task for an immortal.

Darniс is a small village on the Dawn Plateau. Major occupation of locals is agriculture and husbandry.

Current Situation

Recently, a scattered radio signal was received from Darnic Village. The signal itself was immediately lost, as if being blocked, however it was enough to alert Aelion’s defenders of a potential threat through mentions of Reapers of Death. A decision was made to scan the territory and keep a task force on standby, ready to intervene if necessary.

A tracking drone sent photo and video reports from the location, revealing no living residents in the village which has since fallen into a state of complete turmoil. Additional intelligence discovered the root of the problem – The Reapers and their Vird minions have overrun the village, as the original message attempted to convey before it was too late.

Entire squads of these creatures have been sighted in one of the distant farms, already gaining a formidable foothold on the location. Hideous burrows and nests made by these servants of death have sprung up across what was once a land of pristine beauty.

Immortals are to be sent to Darnic Village immediately to destroy the invaders and rescue any survivors, if any still remain...


A cozy village located in the very heart of the Dawn Plateau. Darnic Village is near the elevated monorail track that goes from Aelinar to Iannor, but lacks a station of its own. The Dawn Plateau region has extremely fertile soil, so a great variety of crops can be found flourishing within its fields. The pastures here are interspersed with hills, mountains and forest areas, but all the work put into the ground in these lands pays off handsomely with several harvests per year.


Type Name Category
Vird Pack Leader, Chichir Haulstomp Reapers of Death
Harbinger of Doom, Vaal Reapers of Death


Darnic Village began as nothing more than a few farms scattered throughout the region which became merged through the expansion of their fields. Gradually, more farmers arrived in the Dawn Plateau, increasing the number of homes and amount of land being cultivated. Due to these farms being host to a plentiful harvest, they quickly became one of the few primary sources of grain for the capital.