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Cryomancer m.pngCryomancer f.png
RoleEnergy Attack
DescriptionThe Cryomancer can cause massive damage and has powerful crowd control skills.
Class Icon

If fire is the creative energy of the world that shapes the future, then cold is its memory, the unchangeable past. Cold is primordial and infinite, and therefore invincible. It is an inexhaustible source of power, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that many of the immortals are turning to it to achieve their goals.
- Asterius's Encyclopedia of Divine Powers -

The Cryomancer (or Frostmage) is a dangerous fighter, who is cable of inflicting massive damage, which allows him to quickly get rid off his enemies. Usually, this class more likes to fight its enemies at a distance, but adversaries getting too close might catch a mean cold. Allies also benefit from the offensive abilities and the crowd control skills.[1]


Cryogen is the Ability Resource for Cryomancers.


PvE and PvP

Icon Name Description
Exhaustion Icon.png Cryonic Pulse Inflicts damage to the enemy.
Enemies with less than 50% health take 110% more damage.
Range is 30 yards.
Has a 6% chance to grant the Icy Meteor effect to the Cryomancer for 15 seconds, which makes the next Icy Comet free, increasing its damage by 150% and Critical Chance by 100%.
Icy Blade Icon.png Icy Missile Has 2 charge levels:
  • Icy Thorn: Inflicts damage to the enemy. Activates Impulse Charge.
  • Icy Dart: Inflicts damage to the target.
    Inflicts 3 times as much damage to shields.
    The attack also applies Fragments to the target that inflicts damage every second for 10 seconds and increases the Cryomancer's chance to inflict Critical damage to the same target again by 15%.
    Range is 30 yards. Consumes Cryogen.
    Activates Impulse Charge.
    Icy Missile level I and II(Icy Thorn and Icy Dart) inflict 200% more damage to targets that have Cryogenic Suspension effect, removing it and knocking them down for 2 seconds, as well as apply Intense Cooling.
Avalanche Icon.png Icy Comet Inflicts damage to the target and all enemies in a 8 yard radius of the target.
Applies Intense Cooling that reduces their movement speed. The range is 30 yards.
Shivers Icon.png Crystal Shield Creates a shield that absorbs 80% of damage for 6 seconds.
All targets in a 5 yard radius are affected by Intense Cooling that reduces their movement speed.
The ability can be used while under control effects.
Frostbite Icon.png Whiteout Creates a 12 yard radius area. All enemies that enter area take damage every second. Lasts 12 seconds.
Every 2 seconds Intense Cooling is applied that reduces their movement speed.
Frost Shackles Icon.png Frost Shackles Applies Cryonic Suspension to all enemies within a 16 yard radius, immobilizing and silencing them for 6 seconds. Inflicts damage when the effect runs out. The stronger the enemy, the shorter the duration of the effect. The strongest enemies that are unaffected by it takes 2 times more damage.
Supercooling Icon.png Northern Breeze Inflicts fatal damage to the opponent.
Available when the target has a small amount of health left.
Restores 50% of your maximum Cryogen.

PvE only

Icon Name Description
Severe Frost Icon.png Glacial Fangs Inflicts damage to all enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the character and applies Cryogenic Suspension to them for 4 seconds, completely immobilizing and silencing them.
Cryocharge Icon.png Cryobeam Inflicts damage to all enemies along the path of movement.
Can consume twice as much Cryogen to inflict 3 times more damage and grant the Cryomancer a 50% chance to gain the Cryocharge effect for 10 seconds. Cryocharge increases the damage of the next 2 Icy Missiles charge level I(Icy Thorns) 2 times and makes them free.
Jagged Ice Icon.png Jagged Ice Inflicts damage to the enemy every second for 5 seconds.

PvP only

Icon Name Description
Master Freezer Icon.png Icy Beam Inflicts damage and applies Cryonic Suspension, immobilizing and silencing the target for 3 seconds.
Hoarfrost Icon.png Snowball Creates a snowball that knocks down the enemies and takes them with it as it rolls along.
Inflicts damage.
The snowball rolls 40 yards in a straight line, breaking apart at the end.
When it breaks apart, it throws the enemies away, stunning them for 2.5 seconds.
Cryonica Icon.png Statis Freezes the target, immobilizing and silencing them for <spans tyle="color:rgb(239,149,46);">10 seconds.
The target is immune to incoming damage for the duration.


PvE and PvP

Icon Name Description
Slide.png Slide The Cryomancer gains a special Dash: Slide.
Slide allows the Cryomancer to move 15 yards in the selected direction. Leaves an icy trail behind.
The trail applies Intense Cooling which reduces the movement speed of enemies in its area of effect. Once the maximum number of effects have been stacked, the Icebound effect is applied, immobilizing the enemy.
Inflicts damage every second.
Northern Gift Icon.png Supercooling The Cryomancer's Critical Chance is increased by 30% for enemies that have Intense Cooling applied to them, and by 50% for enemies with Icebound and Cryonic Suspension.

Thea Talent(PvE and PvP)

Icon Name Description
CraterIce.png Crater Ice Cryocharge increases the Critical Hit Chance of Icy Missile, charge level 1(Icy Thorn) by an extra 50%.
Cryocharge effect can be gained when using Cryobeam, as well as when hitting at least 1 enemy with Snowball(100% chance).




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