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Berserker m.pngBerserker f.png
RoleMelee Attack
DescriptionChain for PAIN!!!
Class Icon

Warriors must never lose control. Everyone knows this rule: rage, like fear, leads to death. But, what did, those who fought off the first invasion hundreds of years ago feel? What did Aelion's defenders feel when the seas started to boil, and the skies darkened with hordes of aliens? Aelion warriors had little choice. They felt rage.
- Asterius's Encyclopedia -


Basic Abilities

Awe Icon.png
Mighty Strike
(LMB) First strike in the basic combo which inflicts damage and restores Rage.
Cutter Icon.png
Destructive Attack
(RMB) This ability has two charge levels. Clicking the button will inflict a small amount of damage to enemies in a small radius in front of the Berserker, and holding the button will make the Berserker swing their chainsword; creating a Destructive Wave around them that inflicts moderate damage to enemies in a greater radius. Regardless of the charge level, Destructive Attack leaves enemies more vulnerable to damage from the Berserker’s attacks for a short time.

These basic attacks are used in the following combinations:

Awe Icon.png » Power Trick Icon.png
Fast Attack
(LMB+RMB) The Berserker inflicts moderate damage and pierces the enemy with their chainsword, stunning and knocking them back.
Awe Icon.png » Awe Icon.png » Dissection Icon.png
(LMB+LMB+RMB) Inflicts a small amount of damage to all enemies around the Berserker. Use it to gain Rage in a fight against multiple opponents.
Awe Icon.png » Awe Icon.png » Experienced Fighter Icon.png » Violent Strike Icon.png
Crushing Throw
(LMB+LMB+LMB+LMB) Inflicts moderate damage, generates an increased amount of rage and can throw a weak opponent in the air.
Awe Icon.png » Awe Icon.png » Experienced Fighter Icon.png » Crushing Throw Icon.png
(LMB+LMB+LMB+RMB) On the last hit, the Berserker leaps up and strikes the enemy, inflicting heavy damage.

Other Abilities

Flash of Rage Icon.png
Flash of Rage
The Berserker gathers strength for some time before unleashing their fury on nearby enemies, inflicting massive damage.
Battle Cry Icon.png
Battle Frenzy
For a few seconds, this ability restores 70% of damage taken and protects the Berserker from finishing blows. For the duration of the ability, the Berserker becomes immune to slowing effects and their movement speed is increased.
Battle Rage Icon.png
Gladiator (ultimate ability)
The Berserker turns into a Gladiator enveloped in flames. Only one skill is available in this state - a powerful crushing blow that decimates most opponents in a single hit. If an enemy tries to flee, the Berserker, filled with power and fury, can cover the distance in one mighty leap and take them down.


Whirlwind icon.png
Once every 50 seconds Whirlwind is replaced by Firestorm inflicting 4.50x base fire damage. Activates Impulse Charge.
Tempest Fury Icon.png
Whirlwind is replaced by Tornado that breaks down into three vortexes that whip the enemies up in the air and inflict 1.32x base damage as they move around. The attack deals impulse damage first. The attack is more effective in combination with Destructive Wave. Activates Impulse Charge.
Furious Leap Icon.png
Furious Leap
You leap towards the selected enemy. All movement restricting effects are removed, and you are immune to them for 3 seconds. Inflicts 1.50x base damage to the target, stunning it for 1 second. If no target is selected, you will leap a distance of up to 24 yards.
Leap Icon.png
Wild Leap
You leap towards the selected enemy. All movement restricting effects are removed, and you are immune to them for 3 seconds. Inflicts 1.67x base damage to the target and surrounding enemies. If no target is selected, you will leap a distance of up to 24 yards. If you are stunned, feared, disoriented or immobilized, you can break free once every 20 seconds by using Wild Leap.
Flash of Rage Icon.png
Flash of Rage
Press and hold the key. Once the attack is ready, the character will inflict 7.53x base damage to all surounding enemies.
Tectonic Blast Icon.png
Tectonic Blast
Inflicts 0.75x base damage to all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Tectonic Blast cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for each affected enemy.
Battle Cry Icon.png
Battle Frenzy
Restores 70% of received damage and protects from fatal blows for the next 6 seconds. Berserker becomes immune to movement restricting effects and their movement speed is increased by 30%.
Chilling Dread Icon.png
Thundering Roar
All enemies in a 8 yard radius of your freeze with fear for 4 seconds.
Call of Rage Icon.png
Thirst for Battle
Increases damage dealt by 40% for 10 seconds.
Unrestrained Power Icon.png
Uncontrollable Rage
Restores 400 points of Rage (hold down the key) and allows you to use Fracture twice instantly.


Tempest Fury Icon.png
Tempest Fury
Tornado vortexes inflict 100% more damage, and another vortex is created
Firm grip.png
Firm Grip
Firestorm's duration is increased 3 times.
Experienced Fighter Icon.png
Experienced Fighter
Basic attacks activation speed is increased by 15%, and they inflict 42% more damage.
Wounded Beast
Crippling Blow always deals 44% more damage, and if your health drops below 45%, the next use of the ability deals 30% more damage.
Shield Destroyer Icon.png
Shield Destroyer
Crushing Throw I inflicts 300% more damage to shields.
Battle Rage Icon.png
Battle Rage
If you kill the enemy by attacking them in Gladiator stance, the duration of the stance is increased by 1.5 seconds. Gladiator duration is increased up to 8 times.
Cutter Icon.png
Critical hit chance of Destructive Wave is increased by 10% for each non-critical hit of the Destructive Wave. Critical hit damage of Destructive Wave is increased by 40%.
Tenacity Icon.png
Battle Frenzy and Thundering Roar no longer consume rage.
Vehemence Icon.png
If you kill the enemy by using Carnage, 106 additional points of Rage will be restored, and you will be immune to control effects for 5 seconds.
Battle Cry Icon.png
Battle Cry
Battle Frenzy makes you and your allies in a 10 yard radius of you faster and immune to movement restricting effects.
Unrestrained Power Icon.png
Unrestrained Power
During Uncontrollable Rage you receive 50% less damage and reflect 130% of received damage back at the enemy.
Leap Icon.png
If the enemy is more than 6 yards away, Leap and Furious Leap cooldown is reduced by 50%.
Image NA.png
Desire for Revenge
When Berserker is defeated by other characters or their assistants, 250 additional points of Rage will be restored and damage inflicted to the offender will be increased by 20% for three minutes.
Flash of Rage Icon.png
If a Flash of Rage victim receives 3 portions of damage within the next 8 seconds, it gets stunned for 4 seconds.
Call of Rage Icon.png
Call of Rage
For the duration of Thirst for Battle, critical hit chance is increased by 25%.
Power Trick Icon.png
Power Trick
Health of the enemies hit by Fast Attack is decreased by 10% for 15 seconds.
Crusher Icon.png
Destructive Attack increases the damage in PvP by 21% when used against enemies with more than 2/3 of their max. health.
Cutter Icon.png
Pain Shock
Enemies' movement speed in the area of effect of Destuction Wave is reduced by 70% for 3 seconds.
Tenacity Icon.png
Battle Fury
Berserker gain 15 points of Rage for every hit for the duration of Battle Frenzy.
Chilling Dread Icon.png
Chilling Dread
When Thundering Roar runs out, the enemies are unable to attack you for 5 seconds.

Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!