Aspect of Death

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Army: Wardens of Elements
Family: Warden of Death
Quality: Champion

Is a Warden of Death, who can be found as a boss in the Tau Experimental Station.


The embodiment of one of Aelion’s primary elements. Wardens of Death remind you of a dead, cold rock. The fauna of Aelion is very diverse. Some of the species were domesticated, but the greater part of the wildlife are aggressively protective of its habitat. In addition to that, the natural inhabitants of the planet are now forced to live side by side with the remnants of alien invasions, which does nothing to improve their disposition.


Test Subject - At the beginning it stays within an energy cage, which makes it invulnerable to attacks. At the same time, it summons clouds of poisonous gas around the enemy position which inflict significant damage.

Undermining - Flies towards the enemy, hides in the ground and then shoots out in an explosion, inflicting significant damage to all enemies in the area of effect.

Acid Rain - Attacks the enemy position with a series of acid blobs which form a poisonous cloud when they hit the ground, inflicting significant damage.