Ardos Monastery

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Ardos Monastery
Ardos Monastery.png
Difficulty and Prestige

Ardos Monastery was founded in the days of Aeli but has been neglected for years. Sea creatures are desecrating it with their presence. The walls of the monastery are destroyed, its galleries are flooded... It is time to chase the vermin out.

Ardos was constructed during the time of Aeli. Since its creation there have been no documents to show what this monastery was built for, or even which god it was dedicated to. The monastery itself holds no symbols or cult items to provide any clues but nevertheless it was held in high esteem among the arriving pilgrims.

Current Situation

Upon arrival, troops proceeded to patrolling the territory. Which at first glance seemed to be completely deserted. However, in the central square they came across a great number of Oceanid egg rafts and were immediately attacked by an exceptionally strong Khelp and his minions. The priests managed to bring up a magic shield and retreat, forcing the unlucky mortals the opposite way. Trying to escape from the Oceanids, they ran through the left wing of the monastery, where a Naiad blocked their way. It was yet another exceptionally strong sea creature they did not expect to encounter. Following a fierce battle, the Naiad managed to cause many injuries but the Templars and priests got away through one of the corridors that was free of Khelps. The Khelps chased the group to the monastery’s very gates, but in the end they fell back. After these confrontations, the monastery became a sort of hornet’s nest. It seems the Oceanids are searching for those who dared to disturb them.


The monastery is situated on the shore of one of the islands of the Ithanos Archipelago, which lies between Western and Eastern Inkara.


Type Name Category
Eggs Warden, Urbus Oceanid
High Shaman, Khlok Violent Storm Oceanid
Naiad Assualter, Stormbringer Daire Oceanid


Ardos Monastery was founded in the days of Aeli. No documentary or evidence has remained. Nobody knows, to whom the monastery was dedicated or why it was built. Nowadays it contains no symbols or specific sacred objects. Nevertheless, pilgrims respect this place.

Today, Ardos is destroyed and large sections of the temple have sunken beneath the water due to earthquakes that struck the Ithanos Archipelago many years ago. In what one could debate is a pleasant twist of fate, the monastery had already been abandoned when the earthquake occurred, preventing unnecessary loss of life.

The decision to restore the monastery following the incident was sudden and provoked many fierce arguments. The idea resisted a barrage of criticisms before gradually being implemented. Although, before they could move forward with their plans a group of priests and templars were sent to examine Ardos and to elaborate the plan of its restoration.